lengthen + volumize + fortify lashes

This lash enhancing mascara infused with Optiwide complex will add length and thickness to your lashes to create a more defined look. The fortifying effect of the formula will decrease the loss of lashes after makeup removal and make them appear longer, fuller and stronger within weeks. 


  • Adds instant length and thickness to your lashes.
  • Stimulates lash growth.
  • Decreases lash loss after makeup removal.

Key ingredients

  • Optiwide complex: fortifies and stimulates lash growth.
  • Panthenol: fortifies lashes and reduces breakage.
  • Beeswax: Creates protective tubing film around the lashes.

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    7.7 ML

How to use ?

Apply the mascara onto bare lashes. Start at the root and
move the brush side to side and upwards towards the tips.
Apply as many coats as desired.